Sometimes, and always when you don’t want it, YouTube gets stuck and it constantly appears that there are problems playing the video because it doesn’t load correctly and it says youre offline. check your connection youtube chrome. Unfortunately, this message is more common than you think. There are different possible problems and most of them do not have to do with your device but more with the connection, and third-party apps.  Here we are going to indicate the main ones so that you can “catch” it in time and thus be able to solve it. In this way, you can put that video clip that you love or that video blog of your favorite YouTuber at full volume.

Why don’t YouTube videos load?

There are different reasons that can cause your computer, mobile, television, or console to not load the videos well. Here we will present the most relevant ones so that you take them into account the next time the YouTube icon appears with a troubled face.


Connection failures

The first problem that always comes to mind. It is normal because in fact most of the time it is the main reason why your connection fails. Keep in mind that in the free version of YouTube, you can only watch videos if you are online. If you have a very weak, unstable coverage or low speed included in your rate, this will limit the possibility of you playing the videos correctly. YouTube uses a buffer so you don’t have to be downloading the data at the same time you view the content. In this way, it avoids pixelations and even stops when playing. Of course, the better the quality of the connection, the better it will work.

Now you understand why when you open a video it takes a couple of seconds to load. During this very short period of time, the browser is downloading and storing this information. Sometimes you can even finish watching the video even though your internet is down. As you will understand, the content is not loaded in its entirety from the first second. Therefore, it may stop if you do not have a network connection.

Browser issues

The culprit may be the browser. After all, it is from where we usually play content from the computer and it may be affected at times. Cookies and cache sometimes give problems, or it is even possible that it is infected by some adware. Not surprisingly, the most optimized browser for using YouTube is Google Chrome.

Some program is interfering

This is a very common source when we encounter connection-related failures. It is possible that you have some software installed on the computer that is affecting it. Sometimes a VPN, firewall, or even antivirus. Access these types of programs that protect your computer and review parental controls well. Options such as blocking access to YouTube or other pages that display sensitive content or content rated for adults.

Malware in the system

There are security issues that may affect the connection. Downloading files from unofficial pages sometimes causes viruses to enter the system and affect the Internet of the device or the browser directly. To solve this, it is best to do a full scan of your computer with the antivirus you have installed and thus eradicate the problem.

What to do to avoid problems loading YouTube videos

Ok, now you know what can be the problems for which YouTube does not load, now there are the solutions. Here we present a series of recommendations that you can put into practice.

Optimize Internet connection

When playing streaming videos, the speed that comes from the internet, the quality of coverage, and also stability are very important. What can you do? Very easy, first check if you are connected by Wi-Fi or have mobile data activated. Although it may seem silly, it often happens. If the signal that reaches your space is not enough, you can choose to buy a repeater or a PLC device. In the event that you have the coverage bars full and you have configured the 5G connection and the problem persists, you may have a limited-speed contract. Lower the quality of the videos or contact your operator to increase it.

Monitor the status of your browser

Another recommendation is that you have the browser in good condition. The error may be caused by a problem with cookies and caching. The easiest solution is to go into settings and clear all browsing data.

Also, check all the extensions you have added and their origin. It is not recommended to install plugins that are not from the official store. It may be that this is the one that generates the conflict and this translates into YouTube videos not loading.

Have the system updated

Don’t forget to always update Google Chrome, Ecosia, Firefox, or whatever your trusted browser is. It is important that in addition to these, you have the operating system of your computer with the latest version installed. For mobile devices, check both the Play Store and the App Store to see if an update needs to be installed. Many times, these correct usability errors are as simple as the failure to load videos.

Control the entry of the malware

The security of the device from which you consume the content is very, very important. You must protect the equipment at all times. To do this, use a good antivirus that enables protection while browsing the web. These are all the possible causes and solutions that we can offer you from Bloygo. Even so, within the YouTube page, there is a section of frequently asked questions in which you can check if your case is recurring and if the platform has provided a solution. follow these steps when youtube says im offline chrome.

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