Windows 12: Everything we know so far

Windows 11 has barely appeared and rumors are already being made about the arrival of a more advanced version of Microsoft’s operating system, such as Windows 12 download. And it seems that it would not wait as long as the current version has. At the moment it is only known that the giant Microsoft seeks to change the cycle and that it could prevent many more versions of Windows 11 from being seen. In fact, it was reported that the 23H2 (Sun Valley 3) update has been canceled for Windows 11, so it could be an indication that the developers of the Redmond company are already focused on Windows 12 iso. Something that many users did not expect at all. What’s more, many thought that Windows 10 would be the last and that there would be a radical change in the dynamics that Microsoft had followed up to now.

windows 12

Windows 12: the latest version

A Microsoft engineer made a comment on his official social media account that had an impact, and it is that he assured that Windows 12 would be the last version of Windows and that there would be no more. This caught on with many users and speculation began. Microsoft seemed determined to take a new course. After the jump from Windows 11 to Windows 12 download iso, without going through 9, it seemed that the company was thinking about the cloud. Many speculated that Windows would become just another Microsoft cloud service and that it would become something similar to what you have with Office 365. Others thought that Windows 12 would continue to be installed on computers for a long time, with a type of Rolling Release type of development as some Linux distros do, that is, instead of making big jumps from one version to another, they gradually release small updates. In fact, this was the most appropriate, since Windows 10 has been constantly updating for several years without making the leap to a new version.

Windows 12: the surprise

Despite the idea that there would be no new Windows, Microsoft was recently surprised by a leak of its new operating system: Windows 12. At last, the new version and successor of Windows 10 have arrived. Newer computers support this new version of the operating system, but it is still growing little by little, as many users are still running Windows 10 and have not upgraded to the new version. After the changes in the graphical interface of Windows 11, which users did not like at all and had to go back to Windows 10. Microsoft has once again been brave and made some changes to its interface for Windows 11. However, the changes made have already been seen for years in other operating systems such as macOS and some Linux desktop environments. And, now it does seem that he has succeeded with the changes since there are no users who are too unhappy with this step forward. What’s more, it’s something that many were waiting for.

Windows 12 Under Development? Microsoft Working on Next Version of Windows Leaks! - YouTube

However, Windows 11 has not come without controversy, as did Windows 8 at the time and the introduction of Secure Boot in the UEFI. This secure boot mode only allowed booting to signed operating systems, which at the time was Windows, leaving other competing operating systems inoperative. Then, little by little, this problem has been solved and other systems can be started without a problem. But at that time it brought many developers from the Linux, BSD, etc. communities to their heads, looking for solutions that came through different implementations. Now Windows 11 also brings a feature that has to do with security and that makes it unable to work on computers that do not have a TPM 2.0 chip (computers released since 2016), despite the fact that the rest of the specifications are compatible. This has been resolved in some cases with the inclusion of a TPM 2.0 module that can be purchased separately and plugged into the motherboard, though not on all computers.

Windows 12

And the surprise has been that, when Windows 11 is just breaking through, a new version is already being rumored to follow it. It is about the launch of Windows 12, which could arrive in 2024 according to some media. However, there is still nothing official and there is nothing certain. But some details of what this Microsoft operating system would be like are becoming known. For this reason, in this article, we are going to detail what is known about Windows 12 so far , so that you can learn more about what could be the future of the MS OS.

Windows 12 release date

According to a revealed report, it seems that Microsoft may be reducing the long development cycles of its desktop operating systems and that it would bet to release versions of its operating system more frequently. Windows 12 “Next Valley” could arrive sometime in 2024, it seems. It is probable that the chosen date is the autumn of that year, as also happened with Windows 11. And it is that the current version was released on October 5 of last year, so Microsoft would go on to a development and launch cycle of only 3 years.

Windows 12 Features

Although Microsoft has not confirmed anything, not even the existence of that supposed Windows 12, there are some rumors about the next functions that would be integrated. And sometimes the rumors end up being real as seen in previous versions. As can be seen in the latest builds released for Windows 11, Microsoft is losing its fear of making big changes to its features and is increasing including new tools to make users’ work more comfortable and easier. For example weather widgets in the taskbar, easier search tools, etc. Some of the new features may already be present in mobile operating systems. For example, that allows you to copy a date, time, or telephone number and gives you options to use said data. As with Android, when you copy a phone number and it gives you the option to call that phone or open it with the indicated app. In other words, a much more intelligent system. Therefore, do not expect Windows 12 to be too continuous, rather it will be a big change both visually, in the available functions, and in other aspects.

Windows 12 price

As with the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, it looks like Microsoft will stick with that policy and make upgrading from Windows 11 to Windows 12 completely free as well. Of course, if you want to buy a Windows 12 license of a different edition or you do not have Windows 11 to update, you will have to pay as before. Of course, everything seems to indicate that computers already running Windows 11 could have an update in 2024 to give direct access to Windows 12 without the need to install from scratch, but simply let Windows Update take care of the step.

hardware requirements

Microsoft always surprises by the demand for some specific feature or hardware for their operating systems to support, thus removing older equipment from their support. We will see what happens in 2024 with the supposed Windows 12 and if something of this is also being prepared. It is also possible that we find ourselves with a previous release of Windows 12.1. Just a few weeks ago, a video of the new operating system was leaked. But, for the moment, given what has been seen in the latest versions of the company’s operating system, it can be expected that the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 12 are:

  • CPU: The processor must have at least 1 GHz clock frequency and 2 or more cores. Of course, it must be 64-bit. Both AMD and Intel and ARM x86-64 chips will be compatible, for example, with some SoCs such as Qualcomm, etc.
  • RAM memory: the system must have a minimum of 4GB of RAM in order to function smoothly.
  • Storage– You should have at least 64 GB free or more. And it will be compatible with HDD, SSD, and eMMC.
  • Firmware: the computer, to be compatible, must have UEFI with Secure Boot.
  • Security: You must also have a Trusted Platform Module version TPM 2.0 or higher.
  • GPU– Must support DirectX 12 or higher, and WDDM 2.0, driver. It can be a GPU for x86 or ARM, integrated or dedicated.
  • Display: at least HD (720p) and at least 9″, as well as support for 8-bit per color channel.
  • Internet connection: necessary.
  • Other requirements: have Windows 11 installed for the update and a Microsoft account for registration.
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