Softwares of Banking World 2020 used for banking

From savings banks to global Banking financial institutions: Over 5000 banks worldwide have already recognized the advantages On Base brings to their banking business. On Base integrates with existing software of banking software to use the information contained therein even more efficiently and to simplify administration and access. This leads to higher profits, increased productivity and happier customers. Don’t you think that this would also benefit your banking business?  On Base removes paper from banking transactions, enabling banks to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Growth opportunities for credit institutions of all sizes
By connecting On Base systems and banking operations, your employees receive all the information they need for their work through a central query facility.

Reducing costs in banking operations Banking
operations are significantly optimized and designed to be cost-effective so that no or significantly less paper has to be bought. In addition, shipping and storage costs, as well as personnel costs for the administration of paper documents, are drastically reduced.

Softwares of Banking

Expansion and optimization of cash management
Our solutions for account reconciliation and credit checks are beneficial for institutions of all sizes.

Fulfilling increasingly strict audit and compliance requirements
Get even better insight into your banking processes. The integration of On Base in the existing banking software guarantees the consistent and speedy management of documents and data.

Advance Softwares of Banking World

FinanzPlaner PROfessional for optimized pension advice

The financial planner software PROfessional enables you to move up to multi-dimensional customer advice, that is to say, detached from products, to advance neutrally and independently into strategy advice. This applies especially to your retirement advice! Get to know the software through our FREE webinars and get a guide to the successful use of the FinanzPlaner PRO and the appropriate conversation. Our FREE webinars also give you some interesting tips and tricks …

FLF-Test manager – test program for banking software and leasing software

Test of banking software and leasing software- With the FLF Test Manager you have a professional tool for testing new software or for testing for updates or releases. The program fulfills the necessary requirements according to IDW, MaRisk, BaFin, AO and is also used in the area of ​​core banking system migration. Among other things, the software maps the selection of software and database structure analysis, software migration and implementation as well as for the documentation of facility changes (customizing).

ibo QSR – revision software, test software, internal revision

The ibo QSR software for your internal audit. With ibo QSR, executives and auditors work in revisions of all sizes and industries, whether in Germany or worldwide. They create their examination plans in QSR and do all the revision work efficiently and adeptly throughout the year. For over 15 years, ibo software has been developing the revision software ibo QSR – quality assurance and revision – for internal auditing in all industries and revision sizes. We know what the revision needs today …

Factoring software ef3premium

Ef3premium is the sophisticated software for the factor and meets the highest demands. Configured on a broad foundation, the factoring software ef3premium proves to be a flexible and secure solution in international factoring. A clear and work-oriented basic structure facilitates the uncomplicated exchange of data between factors and customers. Standard activities are thus effectively implemented in terms of time. The support of incoming and outgoing interfaces, the stability of the application and the clarity …

ITGov Suite

Information system and roadmap for IT governance in credit institutions. The ITGov Suite is the modular information service for structuring and mapping a regulatory IT governance of a credit institution. It enables the institutes to deal appropriately and increasingly with standardized IT governance and IT compliance requirements. The need for an individual and resource-adapted implementation was already taken into account in the conception and enables the introduction in a “step speed” adapted to the respective credit institution.


Proven: best-practice processes. Global: Multi-client capable, multilingual. Flexible: configuration and customizing. Strong: high performance and security. Independent: 100% web technology, platform-independent. , audimexEE is an audit management system for the highest demands on the implementation of revision processes and corporate structures, in the center of which is a powerful and highly flexible audit universe. The result is an audit management system that adapts to your requirements like a tailor-made suit and in which a maximum degree of automation is made possible …

RIAS revision software

RIAS is a standard software that is designed as a central browser-oriented revision management solution for use in the company’s intranet. By using RIAS, auditors can concentrate on the essentials and efficiently plan and carry out audits. Proven software for internal audits. Digitization of internal auditing, optimization of the revision process, compliance with legal requirements, increased efficiency in the execution of audits With RIAS you optimize the quality of your audit management: RIAS serves internal audits as an effective tool

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