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There are several factors to consider when deciding which Banking to choose from. The costs of maintaining a bank account and the availability of ATMs are important. However, customers who care about modern banking should choose financial institutions, also guided by slightly different criteria. First of all, it is worth placing customized mobile applications.

WebPOS – offer, financing, leasing software

Web-based program for creating, managing leasing and financing offers. Full-service leasing, GAP insurance, vehicle insurance, CREFO online connection, master data management based on the four-eyes principle, dynamic printing module for configuration and creation of forms for every type of contract, dynamic calculation module, user management, authorization system, extensive reporting module and controlling module, no user limitation, Multi-client capable, multilingual …

Banking Softwares


The processing of fund transactions / fund subscriptions proves to be a labor-intensive and time-critical activity for many investment companies and custodian banks. The abraxas solution FundLine-S supports the entire workflow of fund transactions: Entry of fund orders, reporting with fund management for disposition, calculation of transaction fees, allocation of commissions to different recipients (if required), generation of billing, booking in the booking system (custodian bank), reporting / transaction confirmation …


EFDIS.CIFRA is the latest banking software on the German market – a real-time application for all areas of the core banking business. In addition to efficient master data management, the software includes the areas of financial accounting (for general and subledger), payment transactions, deposit and credit business, tax administration, output management. EFDIS.CIFRA is very flexible due to the complete parameterization of all program functions, especially when it comes to implementing financial products. EFDIS.CIFRA offers consistent performance, even with high business volumes …

Fund Line-R

The importance of inventory commissions increases with the success of investment funds. However, determining, calculating and distributing them turns out to be very labor-intensive and time-consuming for the majority of financial service providers, since individual contracts between the KAG and the counterparty are concluded with different commission agreements. In addition, the entire workflow is characterized by media breaks. FundLine-R (R stands for retrocession) is a solution for the automation of all activities related to the handling of inventory commissions.

DHV loan and mortgage management

Complete loan management and mortgage management. DHV is a complete loan management and mortgage management system. Your requirements High flexibility and fast processing do not have to be mutually exclusive in loan management. Integrated, standardized and automated business processes reduce lead times and increase the efficiency of loan processing. The focus is on optimizing operational processes. Loan management – all in one system Our software solution offers the possibility

Tai Pan

Exchange software and price database for demanding private investors. Successful with professional support Can you imagine a stock exchange expert who can do his analysis without the support of powerful software? We neither. Thousands of stockbrokers have therefore been relying on stock exchange programs from Lenz + Partner and the associated price data service for their investment decisions for years. The daily practice and regular top results in all tests of the relevant trade press confirm Tai-Pan users again and again that they have chosen first-class stock exchange software.

Product line for financial and funding advice

Introduction: Providing solid financing for business start-ups, expansion, innovation, buying a company or property and building a house is part of your daily tasks. InvestInform makes this work easier for you! Our intelligent software solutions enable quick calculation and a clear presentation of the financing alternatives. Your great advantage: the integration of public funds in the financing! From prospect to customer: InvestInform accompanies you in all consulting phases …

move) bank – ERP software for banks

move) bank is an ERP software tailored to the banking sector move) bank is a Microsoft Dynamics ™ NAV-based ERP for Volks- and cooperative banks, private banks, savings banks and investment companies that maps the processes typical of the industry. The modules of the banking software include the aspects of financial accounting, cost accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable, asset accounting, budgeting, materials management and contract management. The software includes a user group-based authorization concept, is multi-client capable and supports the integration of upstream and downstream booking systems.

AbakusBT – credit management for property developer loans

Solution for banks’ credit department for their property loans. AbakusBT is the solution for the loan department for property developers in all banks. According to the requirement “More overview, less risk”, abakusBT optimizes the credit business – and creates security in day-to-day business through precise, audit-proof work processes. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can access all relevant data, such as average sales revenue per square meter, current sales status, current residual credit, residual loan / sqm and much more …

ORC – Operational Risk Center

Standard software solution for controlling operational risks. The Operational Risk Center (hereinafter “ORC”) is a standard software for controlling and managing operational risks in banks, insurance companies, and other companies. ORC is a joint project of interexa AG and VÖB-Service GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the Federal Association of German Public Banks (VÖB), with the participation of the member institutes of the association. ORC has a modular structure and supports the entire control group for the management of operational risks, from risk identification and measurement through risk analysis to risk calculation and risk reporting …

Factoring software FLC factoring

Flc factoring is a software specially developed for the factoring business, in which the specific work processes of factoring are represented. The special structuring of the data and fee models successfully supports the needs of factoring companies. The flexible software architecture and object-oriented programming allow needs-based further development in cooperation with our customers. Use of innovative technologies (relational database progress, multi-user capable, transaction-secured processing).

Software flc purchase finance

Flc Purchasing Finance (EKF) is a software specially developed for purchasing finance, in which the specific workflows of this financing model are mapped. The special structure of the data and fee models successfully supports the needs of purchasing finance companies. The flexible software architecture and object-oriented programming allow needs-based further development in cooperation with our customers …

Session session management

Session management software for municipalities, authorities, utilities, banks, savings banks. A session is the leading software solution in session management. It is a tailor-made collection of tools, consisting of software and an all-round on-site service: from A for automated template creation to Z for time-based compensation calculation. The program includes options for template entry and recording, session planning, decision management and monitoring, and for the agenda. You can use it to create an invitation and calculate the attendance fee or compensation

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